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Our mission is to be recognized as group of highly skilled Determined, Professionals operating an ethical benchmark group of companies at global level

CCL Investment Consulting

CCL Investments exerts it self to provide the highest quality of investment advice and practical solutions to individuals and companies. We assist you with every aspect of investing, be it on business, property or stocks, from strategy, structure and implementation through to ongoing day to day management of investments.


The need for our service

Everyone would like to buy as low as possible and sell at the highest possible price. How do you do it ? Getting the write leads, itself is a time consuming task. News releases, hints from the professional brokers, are also an obvious source of potential bargains. But if you lack the time to do the research and the experience to make the right decisions then you won't benefit from this potentially attractive oppotunities which is where we come in.


How we work for you

There are two separate components to our regular service, both of which have equal value.

1.The provision of information
2.The provision of expertise.

As a basic subscribed service we offer our clients a pro-active search and recommendation service at our discretion, If you require your own personal investment consultant to search and recommend on a dedicated basis you can upgrade your service to that of retained client.

Fees For Level one service, unless otherwise agreed, there is a one off service fee plus a monthly service charge mutuallay agreed depending on your investment.

Level two is totally based on a mutually agreed % based on the profit we generate for you.


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